A mediator is a trained professional (a third-party neutral) who helps disputing parties develop a resolution to a problem. R. John Umlauf, Jr., CPA and the professional staff of UMLAUF & Associates, PLLC, CPA’s utilize a structured problem solving process and communication skills to assist the parties in negotiating their own resolution to their conflict. Mediation is a conflict problem-solving process. A mediator’s goal is to satisfy the needs of the disputing parties, while preserving or improving their relationship.

Mediation is an excellent approach to solving a problem when people want to retain control over the outcome of the resolution process. Mediation is “hard” on the problem but “soft” on the people. Mediators need to possess the skills and the ability of knowing when to be a “kitten”, a “tiger”, or anything in-between. Mediation is an appropriate process when those involved in the dispute will need to relate or conduct business in the future.

UMLAUF & Associates, PLLC, CPA’s have been court appointed mediators in a number of cases. As CPA’s, our appointments have been in the areas of business matters, forensic accounting, and shareholder/partner disputes. To contact us or request a list of appointments in this area, please email, telephone, fax or write us.