Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is designed as an alternative to litigation. It is a voluntary process through which disputing parties meet with a “neutral third-party” (mediator) who will assist them in negotiating their own settlement solution.

ADR is not a new trend. Based on a solid foundation of practical experience, the federal and state courts have appointed R. John Umlauf, Jr. and/or UMLAUF & Associates, PLLC, CPA’s as receivers, facilitators, special masters, arbitrators, and mediators in a wide variety of cases.

The benefits of ADR are the creative use of different conflict management options. The creative aspects of the exercise involve choosing the proper mechanism, forum, arbitrator, or mediator in a procedural rules to suit the needs and interests of the parties. If you would like a list of engagements, please email, telephone, fax or write us.